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ABC Speech Pathologist Dayton Perth WA 6055


Our Autism therapy begins with an assessment to determine the child's abilities and needs.  Following this, the speech pathologist sets goals that may include mastering spoken language and / or learning nonverbal communication skills such as the use of augmentative communication. In each case, the goal is designed to help the child communicate in more useful and functional ways.

ABC Speech Pathologist Dayton Perth WA 6055


As children enter kindergarten and formal schooling their communication skills blossom and they become confident users of language.  

Our early years therapy focuses on the speech and language skills necessary to develop peer relationships and play skills.

Therapists use a collaborative family-focused service delivery model. This means that parents are actively involved in setting goals and delivering therapy that meets the individual needs of the child and family. 

ABC Speech Pathologist Dayton Perth WA 6055


School aged therapy focuses on teaching the skills necessary for learning at school such as;


* Speaking and Listening

* Social Interaction

* Creative Thinking

* Problem Solving​

* Story telling

* Phonemic Awareness

* Literacy Skills 

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