ABC Speech Pathologist Dayton Perth WA 6055

ABC is a unique mobile speech pathology service, operating in The Swan Valley WA. We specialise in the treatment of children with speech and language disorders.


Aiming  to maximise language and communication skills, we offer individual home based sessions, and school and kinder based sessions. Our therapy is suitable for children between 2 and ​12 years of age.


We provide assessments and therapy services for a range of difficulties including; Speech / Articulation, Dyspraxia, Autism, Language delay / disorder, Social/pragmatic difficulties, phonemic awareness, listening skills, and literacy difficulties etc.

Ready for School

Does your child ?​

Have speech that is hard to understand?


​Get confused when following instructions?


Have reading or spelling problems?


Find it difficult to remember things?


Become distracted when listening?


Get frustrated when explaining?


Show you rather than tell you things?


Avoid reading or telling stories?


Find it difficult to interact with others?

If your child suffers from any of these difficulties ABC Speech Pathology can help.


​Call us and let one of our therapists start helping your child today.​